viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Coro Golden Dawn con Orquesta Filarmonica

Aqui les dejo unos cantos hermosos en instrumental, grabados por los hermanos de Tucson Arizona, del Golden Dawn Tabernacle... Realmente estan de bendicion. Que les ayuden y les sean de bendicion, Shalom Novia de Cristo...

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  1. Its a cult. Havent seen my children in almost two years. They are not allowed to know us. We miss you, love you, and will wait forever till you know Jesus never demanded that you would have to alienate all your loved ones. Dont be fooled. They are reports of molestation, murder, and severe controls, you no longer get to decide anything in your life once you go there, you are forced into marriage, and must tell the pastor all your sexual sin, cannot visit doctors if sick, and must ask to own a car, home, and basically go to pastor as if he is God for all your decsions in life. Its a sad story..I pray that Jesus Christ, and his holy spirit reveal thier truth, and surround the victims of this outrageous cult with an enternal love, and provide an escape into Christs arms, where he may lead you to know of love's true meaning and understanding. Lo I am with you always, even unto the end. And reach out to your familys they will take you back, heal those broken hearts, and broken spirits. He came to divide, but God came to SAVE and give you life abundant. Even christ cared so much about his own mother, that he asked his friend to call her mom, when he knew they were to crucify him, he wouldnt even speak of serpent seed, because he took sin upon himself, and gained victory of it that very day. The battle is already won, their is no division with Christ, nor is thier confusion, or taking God's name in Vain, to make merchandise of the people, or to enchant them with a man who calls himself a phrophet, in the bible it was said a prophet never called himself a prophet, but sometimes its easier to listen to what a man will tell you, instead of simply reading Gods words, and ask him for meaning and understanding. He said you dont need that any man teach you. I imagine that mean he alone can teach you, and tell you of revelation, how to test the spirits, to see if it is of GOD or of man. Becareful, little ones are being lost and mislead, and abused and controlled by fear. With God there is no fear..Amen


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